The industry standard for aircraft applications

Aircraft applications demand the lightest, the most efficient, and the very best quality thermal insulation. Promat has the widest product range on the market comprising the best performing insulation products in the world.
Commercial aviation and aerospace applications
Our innovative solutions to the thermal protection of items such as "black box" recorders have become the industry standard. We offer a combination of products and service and support that is superior to any of our competitors and as a result, we are proud to supply the majority of the leading aircraft and aviation equipment manufacturers around the world.

Why are Promat products so good?
Microtherm® microporous insulation is thermally the best performing insulation in the world at temperatures up to 1000 °C. It is completely non-combustible as are all of the products from the Promat range that are offered for aviation use. All covering materials are certified for zero spread of flame. Products such as AEROGUARD® offer the additional benefit of full traceability. We do not compromise in any way on quality and we believe that our "engineered solutions" represent the best dependability of performance and value for money you will find.

The challenges
Size, weight, and performance are all critical in design for aviation applications. With these goals in mind, any insulation used must meet the following design criteria:
  • Best performance – lowest thermal conductivity
  • Widest temperature range capability
  • Smallest volume – lightest weight
  • Not affected by thermal shock
  • Dimensionally stable at all temperatures. No shrinkage or other deterioration with time

  • Resistant to damage by vibration
  • Available in the widest range of specifications
  • Capable of being shaped to close tolerances
  • Availability of factory pre-shaping, cladding, and partial assembly into other components
  • Full traceability when required

Promat can design an "engineered solution" that will meet all these design challenges. Our product portfolio is based on the very best performing insulation products with the lowest thermal conductivity. With access to the very best microporous, calcium silicate, refractory and fibre insulation products, a Promat system cannot be beat on performance.

Application solutions

Commercial aviation

Safety in commercial aviation is taken very seriously. Despite the fact that statistically a person is more likely to die from a bee sting than in a plane crash, aircraft manufacturers continue to strive to improve aviation safety. Safety is also important in aerospace but equally so is performance and dependability. With almost a half a century of experience as leaders in the supply of insulation solutions for aircraft, Promat can offer the very best products and support services for commercial aviation and aerospace.

Fire protection and insulation to piping. AEROGUARD®, MICROTHERM® QUILTED.

Engines and exhaust insulation
Heat shields for nacelles and thrust reversers - insulation for exhaust - flexible insulation inside engine and to engine mounts. AEROGUARD®, MICROTHERM® QUILTED, DALFRATEX® high temperature textiles.

Heat shield for infra red signature reduction. AEROGUARD®, MICROTHERM® QUILTED, DALFRATEX® high temperature textiles.

Flight data recorder
Thermal protection. PROMALIGHT® machined parts

Auxiliary power unit
Insulation. DALFRATEX® high temperature textiles.

Galley ovens
Insulation. Customised hydrophobic MICROTHERM® Panels.

Heat shields for guidance systems – missiles, intelligent ordnance

Cockpit Passive Fire Protection

Ejector seat heat shield

Insulation protection to data recorders
PROMALIGHT® Machined Parts

Heat shields for sensitive electronics

Radome insulation to reduce thermal signature

Insulation to fuel cells – APUs and portable power supply

Insulation to thermal batteries

Any weight sensitive application requiring high temperature protection