Promat HPI solutions for fireplaces & chimneys

Fireplaces and stoves create heat from burning a combustible fuel. The waste gases from the process are conveyed to atmosphere by a chimney or flue. Energy costs are expensive, so the overall thermal efficiency of the process is important. Effective insulation makes a dramatic improvement to heating efficiency by ensuring that heat only goes where it is intended. Promat HPI have developed specific insulation solutions for these applications that are both elegant and efficient.

Fireplaces and stoves

Fireplaces and stoves generate heat in the home. It is essential that this is done efficiently and safely without harm to the immediate area around the unit.
 log fire burns at around 600 °C and a coal fire burns at well over 1000 °C.
These temperatures need to be contained so that heat transfers only where it is needed.

Chimneys and flues

Any fire creates smoke and hot gases which need to be conveyed out to atmosphere in a safe manner. A well designed chimney or flue will increase the burning efficiency of the fireplace or stove that it draws from. A Promat HPI insulation to prevent heat loss will improve the draw and also protect the building structure from excessive heat.