Who we are

Promat is a global leader in the provision of sophisticated fire protection technologies and high performance thermal insulation systems. We are a solution provider.

We are a key part of the worldwide network of the Etex Group who have 119 production sites in 45 countries employing more than 17,000 skilled and dedicated professionals. In 2013, group turnover was in excess of €3 billion.

The Promat mission is to make our increasingly complex environment more energy efficient and a safer and better place for all to live, work, and prosper.

Promat is active in a wide range of challenging industries and applications and on every continent the Promat name is synonymous with optimum performance and unrivalled quality.

With the benefit of having an unbeatable combination of the most versatile product range backed by the best service and support package in the industry, Promat is successful in a varied and extensive selection of markets all over the world. These include aerospace & defense, marine, road, and rail transport, data recorders, steel and non-ferrous manufacture, glass making, petrochemical and power generation including  fuel cells, building & construction including fire resistant lift doors, domestic appliances, storage heaters and domestic fireplaces.

We are market leaders in the provision of passive fire protection. As well as all types of building structures, the company also has a  specialised reputation for bringing the same high levels of quality fire performance and risk accountability to many different types of tunnel applications and underground structures.

Only Promat offers the kind of in-depth expertise that comes from six decades of cutting-edge R&D. We are second to none in protecting precious human life and expensive property against the ravages of uncontrolled fire, smoke and fumes, and heat.

In all of our areas of expertise, we are recognised as the industry reference on performance, quality, and service.

... and what we do for you

For our customers we provide sustainable fire protection and high performance insulation solutions.

We provide peace of mind.

Promat develops unique solutions for the construction and industrial markets providing safety and savings in energy. A highly qualified team of experts develops new products, the next generation of existing products, and optimises the quality of products manufactured in our different factories around the world to maintain our leadership in passive fire protection and high performance insulation markets.

For each type of insulation material, our products are the industry benchmarks. Because our product ranges are so diverse and comprehensive, we are able to design and provide complete turnkey solutions when required so that no aspect of the design is left to chance.

We understand heat transfer and the conservation of valuable energy. We bring this expertise to our customers to ensure the most efficient and cost effective solutions to their thermal problems and fire safety issues.

Why choose anything but the very best.

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