Promat solutions in transportation applications

Promat insulation and fire protection solutions are used around the world to make transport safer and more comfortable. Whether the application is road, rail, air, or sea transport, our products are in use in key areas of design. Our insulation protects event recorders that can withstand a plane crash or the sinking of a ship. It also improves the efficiency of ovens preparing food on a flight. Promat systems can solve any thermal challenge.


Weight and space are critical in the design of aircraft, whether for commercial use or defence.
By choosing from the broadest product portfolio on the market based on the "best in class" insulation products with the lowest thermal conductivity, we can design an "engineered solution" that provides the lightest and most compact answer to any thermal problem.


In a vehicle exhaust, a catalytic converter is a chemical reactor that changes toxic exhaust gases into less harmful emissions.
It operates most efficiently at temperatures in excess of around 450 °C and it is important that any exhaust system is effectively insulated to maintain flow temperatures into and through the converter above this level. A Promat solution will do this.


In all forms of transport including rail travel, passenger safety and comfort are of paramount importance. Applications such as passive fire protection, thermal protection of key instruments and event recorders, and insulation of exhausts all benefit from the most efficient insulation products. Using the best microporous, calcium silicate, refractory and fibre insulation products, a Promat system cannot be beat on performance.