Optimal process control and minimal heat loss from pipes and valves

Worldwide petrochemical growth continues to be strong  and over the last decade petrochemical plants generally have increased in size and complexity to meet growing global needs. With numerous examples of process stages operating at high temperatures, these can represent significant potential energy losses for the plant. To help minimise these losses, Promat supply the most thermally efficient insulation solutions for a wide range of applications.
The insulation of process pipework – a complicated problem
The sheer complexity of process plant pipework represents a major design challenge. Multiple runs of pipes in close proximity create problems of individual access and the inclusion of valves and other fittings present difficulties of shaping any insulation system. Pipes need support and the weight of a run of piping once insulation is added can be a problem. Any insulation must be as light as possible and also compact. This will then allow insulation to be applied to individual pipes for maximum thermal efficiency. It will also minimise wind loading on external pipe runs by minimising bulk. This in turn will simplify support of the system.

The Promat HPI solution

Pipes and fittings
For the most demanding applications Promat HPI offer Microtherm® microporous insulation systems comprising MICROTHERM® MOULDED PIPE SECTIONS (MPS), MICROTHERM® SLATTED PANEL, and MICROTHERM® QUILTED PANEL. These optimise thermal performance while taking up a minimal amount of space. Bends and other fittings can be insulated quickly using pre-tailored kits. PROMAGLAF® bio-soluble high temperature glass wool blankets allow fast and simple on-site shaping, and where weight is not so critical, PROMASIL®-1000 pipe sections and segments also guarantee optimised performance.

Pipe clamps and supports
Calcium silicate is ideal for preventing heat bridges in piping system supports and pre-shaped sections of PROMASIL®-1000 are widely used. MICROTHERM® components can also be used as they are very resistant to compressive loads.

Pumps and valves
MICROTHERM® QUILTED PANEL can be supplied pre-tailored in kit form designed specifically from a customer's CAD file detailing the component to be insulated. PROMAGLAF® bio-soluble high temperature glass wool blankets allow fast and simple on-site shaping when required.

Sub-sea pipelines
MICROTHERM® flexible panels ensure fast insulation of pipe-in-pipe flowlines, both for controlling heat loss from hot feed stock liquids and also controlling heat gain to cryogenic feeds.

Insulation systems for pipework – the challenges

  • Lowest thermal conductivity over a wide temperature range for thinnest and lightest systems
  • High temperature capability
  • Non-combustible
  • Stable for continuous high temperature exposure without deterioration. Long working life
  • Load bearing
  • Weather resistant
  • Optimise process efficiency through control of energy losses
  • Clean, easily shaped and fitted products for fastest installation
  • Demountable where necessary for maintenance inspections
  • Wide product range including moulded sections, flexible panels, and flexible rolls. Availability of factory shaping for easy assembly
Promat HPI insulation solutions meet all these design requirements in full. We offer the widest range of high performance products backed up by almost half a century of experience in the industry. A Promat HPI system will not be beat on performance.

Application solutions

Pipes & fittings

Promat’s MICROTHERM® products are one of the best-performing thermal insulation materials in the world. As their very low thermal conductivity value remains stable up to its temperature limit, these microporous products are typically used for temperatures above 350°C. The higher the application temperature, the better MICROTHERM ® will perform! This results in highly efficient and compact insulation solutions. The main advantages are:

  • Low thermal conductivity to enable better process control and reduce heat loss
  • High thermal stability
  • Long lifetime due to the absence of organic binders
  • Non combustible to fulfil fire proofing requirements
  • Low dust, no harmful respirable fibres
  • Resistant to most chemicals
MICROTHERM® can be supplied as pipe sections or as flexible panels, with numerous customization options available to suit each application. Promat HPI also offer piping solutions in calcium silicate and bio-soluble fibre:
  • PROMASIL® calcium silicate pipe sections when thermal stability and superior compressive strength are required
  • PROMAGLAF® bio-soluble blankets as a first insulation layer on high temperature piping
When faced with particularly demanding applications, a Promat HPI engineered thermal solution can be created using purpose designed hybrid composites that combine both mechanical and thermal enhanced properties.
Pumps & valves

Promat’s MICROTHERM® and PROMAGLAF® products are excellent filler materials for insulation jackets and cassettes/boxes around pumps and valves. Usually used in combination, both products have a specific purpose:

  • MICROTHERM® flexible microporous products are used for their very low thermal conductivity and thus ensure a compact jacketing or cassette/box design while offering excellent insulation and fireproofing characteristics.
  • PROMAGLAF® bio-soluble blankets are highly flexible and available in different densities. As a filling material these products  are compressed to ensure a tight fit of the various insulation layers in the composition. 
By using these products, it is possible to design and create customised jackets and cassettes/boxes to meet specific insulation requirements and/or highly demanding fireproofing requirements such as jet fire or hydrocarbon fire exposure.
Pipe clamps & supports

It is commonly accepted by engineers and contractors in the petrochemical industry that creating a thermal insulation barrier between the pipe and pipe clamp/support is the best possible practice. This practice avoids direct metal contact and thus reduces overall heat loss and risk of corrosion.

To meet temperature and compressive strength specifications, Promat offers solutions based on low and high density calcium silicates.

PROMASIL® is a low density calcium silicate and is commonly used in the industry as pipe clamp/support insulation.

When even higher compressive strengths are required MONOLUX® is the preferred choice. This high density calcium silicate is available in 2 temperature grades (500 & 800°C) and can be used as sections between pipe and pipe clamp/support or as a board.

Both products are machined to customised dimensions to ensure the correct insulation thickness and to align with the insulation thickness of the pipe itself for a smooth transition of the metal cladding.
Sub-sea pipelines

In offshore oil production, subsea pipelines can run for over 50 km between processing units in deepwater environments. Energy conservation  is a key requirement. Minimising heat loss helps in the prevention of wax deposition and hydrate formation. By using a highly insulated piping system, subsea wells can be operated with fewer thermal problems over longer distances. In  cryogenic applications, insulation protects against heat gain, preventing or minimising the main operational issue of boil-off of liquefied gases.

Promat offers a range of flexible MICROTHERM® microporous products that are fully customised to customers' requirements. The low thermal conductivity of MICROTHERM® means that compact insulation systems can be designed to meet the overall insulation values specified by oil & gas operators.

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