Optimised process control – minimised heat loss

Petrochemicals are chemicals made from petroleum (crude oil) and natural gas, both of which are made up of hydrocarbon molecules. Petrochemical products are used extensively in every aspect of our everyday life. Oil and gas are the main sources of the raw materials because they are relatively inexpensive and widely available. They are readily processed into a wide range of primary petrochemicals. Promat HPI solutions help to make the processing more efficient and cost effective by controlling energy losses.

Pipes & Valves

Petrochemical production involves a series of chemical processes, often at high temperature, linked by pipes. Energy must be conserved throughout the processing and throughout the transfer pipework.
Promat HPI offer Microtherm® and calcium silicate pre-moulded shapes, bio-soluble high temperature wool, and Microtherm® flexible or slatted panels for the most efficient and cost effective insulation solutions every time.

Petrochemical processing

Although Promat HPI insulation systems have widespread use in the petrochemical industry, the two main application areas that benefit from our heat loss control are fired heaters and sulphur recovery. By combining our vast product range with our recognised expertise in heat management we ensure energy saving and unbeatable performance. Our solutions are practical and optimised for the very best thermal performance.