Optimised design for energy efficient fridges and freezers

To protect our environment and preserve it for future generations we must use energy as wisely as possible. In our homes, every appliance that we use should be insulated to the highest standard to prevent energy wastage through unwanted heat loss. Using the most thermally efficient insulation products on the market, Promat provides cost effective solutions for thermal insulation to our homes and to the appliances that we use in them.
Promat – the best insulation solutions for keeping cool things cool
In an appliance that creates heat we insulate to prevent heat being lost. In a refrigerator or freezer we insulate to prevent heat from penetrating the cold storage sections. In each type of appliance it is essential that the very best insulation available is used for optimum efficiency of operation. A Promat insulation system is always the most efficient, the most compact, and the most cost effective. Energy is expensive. We should use it as sparingly as possible.

An appliance is a thermal process
Any domestic appliance, whether it is used for cooking, heating, food storage, or washing, uses energy to create a thermal process. By using insulation to isolate and control heat movement during that process the energy requirement will be kept to a minimum.

The challenges
  • Thermal management – energy loss control – performance optimisation
  • Prevention of heat gain
  • Maximum efficiency for lowest energy consumption
  • Design for continuous operation. No deterioration over working life of appliance
  • Minimum insulation thickness for maximum available storage capacity
  • Cost effective insulation for most competitive appliance selling price
  • Clean product with easy installation on assembly

Promat can help solve all the design difficulties. By incorporating a “superinsulation” such as SLIMVAC® vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) into the insulation system to the appliance we can design an "engineered solution" that best meets all design challenges.

SLIMVAC® panels offer the best solution for achieving the highest energy efficiency ratings in a refrigerator or freezer without changing the external design of the appliance.

Application solutions

Fridges & freezers

Traditional refrigerator and freezer design utilised blown PU foam in the interspace between the outer metal casing and the inner plastic liner. The polyurethane served the double purpose of providing the insulation requirement as well as rigidly supporting the appliance by inflexibly bonding the components together. 

SLIMVAC® vacuum insulation panels are 5 times more thermally efficient than blown PU foam. This means that an equivalent performance can be achieved with only one fifth of the insulation thickness – or a 5 times better performance is possible with the same thickness. Fortunately, SLIMVAC® can be incorporated into the design without any changes being made to the assembly line on which the appliances are manufactured. 

SLIMVAC® panels are used together with conventional blown foam for rigidity. They are simply placed between the inner and outer casing or bonded to the outer casing of the refrigerator prior to the injection of the PU foam. The net gain in thermal efficiency depends on the number of VIPs used. 

SLIMVAC® can also be used in temperature controlled packaging for cold chain deliveries, temperature controlled food trolleys, and in refrigerated delivery vehicles.

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