Optimised design for energy efficient home appliances

As our world develops and we become ever more dependent on energy in our everyday lives, we are, in turn, increasingly aware of the need to conserve that energy and to use it as efficiently as possible. Globally, households account for, on average, 27% of the total energy need of a country. As market leaders, Promat has introduced insulation solutions that make household appliances as thermally efficient as possible and are recognised as the very best available.


The energy regulations for domestic refrigerators and freezers are becoming steadily more demanding and traditional PU foam insulation is inadequate for the thermal performance necessary. SLIMVAC® is around 5 times more effective than polyurethane foam. A Promat solution based on the use of these panels offers the best solution for achieving the highest energy efficiency demands.


Energy efficient oven design is difficult. As most domestic cookers and ovens are used on a daily basis, energy wastage can be very costly. A Promat insulation solution based on MICROTHERM® microporous insulation offers the thinnest protection to oven bodies and doors and will ensure the most cost effective running of the appliance, even during a pyrolitic cleaning cycle. 


The concept of night storage heating where heat is generated and stored in a unit overnight from low cost electricity, and then released steadily during the day, is widely available.
The use of a Promat insulation solution to control the rate at which heat is released ensures the effectiveness of the 24 hour heating availability.