Promat solutions in furnace applications

A furnace is a device for high temperature heating. Sometimes referred to as ovens, kilns, or fired heaters (petrochemical applications), these devices are used throughout industry for hot processing applications, for metals production, and for any application where the extended energy efficient use of high temperatures is required. All furnaces benefit from the use of a Promat insulation solution to control energy wastage through heat losses and allow better process controllability.

Ceramics and glass

The manufacture of ceramics and glass products are energy intensive processes with between 75% and 85% of the energy consumed during the melting stages. Any reduction in energy losses in the various stages of these processes will show benefits from direct operating cost savings and also improved process control. Promat insulation solutions are key to achieving this.

Ferrous metals

Converting iron ore into high quality iron or alloy steel products involves many production stages. Each stage is extremely energy intensive and optimum cost effectiveness is dependent on meticulous control of heat losses throughout the process for maximum operational efficiency. Control of energy wastage also ensures control of content and viscosity of each melt for best product quality.

Non-ferrous metals

Although non-ferrous metals have lower melting points than iron and steel, the process of changing them from solid to molten, and maintaining them in this state for long periods of time, still equates to high energy consumption. As with ferrous metals applications, control of heat losses by using a Promat insulation system ensures maximum cost and quality benefits.

Special furnaces

Ferrous, non-ferrous, ceramics, and glass manufacturing applications account for a large percentage of the industrial furnaces and ovens in global use. However, in addition to these there are a large number of specialised processes in which a high temperature stage is an integral part of that process. In all these applications, the efficient use of process energy is of paramount importance.