Promat solutions in energy applications

All industry is aware that current energy trends are not sustainable. Our world as a whole must change the ways in which energy is produced with a view to protecting not only the environment, but also the security and dependability of the energy source. Today, the global focus is away from dwindling fossil fuel reserves and towards sustainable and renewable energy sources. The challenge for Promat is to help make the generation of the energy, and its use, as thermally efficient as possible. 

Solar Thermal Power

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) is probably one of the most attractive technologies currently contributing towards targets set for producing renewable energy because of the potentially unlimited solar energy reserves available in the sunny regions of the world. Innovative Promat´s innovative insulation and fireproofing systems throughout all types of CSP plants are the benchmark for the industry.

Fuel Cells

As a "sustainable green energy source" fuel cells can operate at all levels of energy production including main grid supply. Fuel Cells can operate virtually continuously as long as the necessary system flows are maintained. Promat´s insulation solutions for fuel cells and reformers offer the best thermal performance and are completely stable throughout extended operational use.

Power Generation

Power stations, whether conventionally fired or nuclear powered, still provide most of the electricity used today. The use of Promat´s insulation solutions throughout a power station will help to ensure maximum efficiency in the power generation and optimised heat flows by minimising unnecessary wastage through heat losses.