Minimal energy loss, maximum use of space

Comfort and safety are essential in the buildings where we live, work, and generally carry on our daily lives. The cost of achieving this should be as low as possible and Promat insulation solutions can help with this. Our products are the most efficient on the market and are non-combustible. Both for thermal insulation for comfort, and passive fire protection for safety, Promat provides the most cost effective solutions.
Promat in energy efficient buildings
To increase the energy efficiency of the structure of a building by "up-rating" the insulation performance can be difficult. Simply increasing insulation thickness on the inside face of a wall will reduce the available living space and can cause a reduction of available window light. The answer lies in the use of a “superinsulation” such as Microtherm SLIMVAC® vacuum insulation which can be between 4 and 8 times thinner than conventional building materials for an equivalent performance.

Promat – a thermal solution for every problem

Energy efficient buildings

For maximum effectiveness, Promat systems based on vacuum insulation panels can be applied throughout a building structure. Ceilings and roof structures, walls, windows, and floors have all been improved by the incorporation of Microtherm SLIMVAC® into their assembly and installation. The potential for cold bridges can be prevented by the use of compact efficient insulation.

Cost effective fire safety
The design of any building to contain a serious fire and protect human life is complex and technically challenging. High rise buildings present the greatest problem – elevator shafts are natural chimneys and will accelerate the spread of fire between floors. Effective fire stopping elevator shaft access doors containing high performance thermal insulation are essential. They will keep the shaft “fire free” and aid the safe evacuation of the building via emergency stairs.   

The challenges in creating energy efficient buildings
  • The most efficient thermal insulation to occupy the minimum of space
  • Energy savings – design optimisation
  • Long working life – must be totally stable over decades of use
  • Insulation must be non-combustible
  • Simple and clean to install
  • Available in a form and size that allows easy installation
  • Cost effective and readily available
Lift door passive fire protection – the challenges
  • Ideally the panel of insulation should be large enough to cover the complete door leaf. Smaller panels will need butt joints at some point – requires a double layer of insulation for overlap to prevent heat leakage (increased overall thickness and weight)
  • Insulation must be very light – excessive door weight increases the load on the door operating gear making it larger and increases energy consumption whenever the door operates
  • Insulation must be totally non-combustible
  • Insulation must be very thin – this will help to control the overall thickness of the door leaves
  • Insulation must be able to flex – very high temperatures on the door face exposed to fire combined with low temperatures on the unexposed face will create a sharp bow in the door as the exposed face expands. Insulation must be able to flex with the door to maintain continuity of protection. Any cracking of the insulation will create hot spots due to heat leakage

Promat can help solve all these design challenges. We have a wide range of insulation products from our "best in class" product portfolio with the lowest thermal conductivities. We understand heat transfer and we can design an "engineered solution" that best meets all design challenges. With access to the very best insulation products on the market, a Promat system cannot be beat on performance.

Application solutions

Cold bridges

A cold bridge can occur when a conducting material penetrates an insulation system allowing heat transfer through the insulation protection. This could typically occur at window reveals, lintels, penetrations to floor slabs, etc. To remove a cold bridge it is necessary to interrupt the heat conduction path and this can easily be done by bonding small Microtherm SLIMVAC® panels into position finished with gypsum boards for protection. These effectively block the flow of heat.

Microtherm SLIMVAC® panels allow the insulation performance of a floor to be upgraded with a minimum increase in floor thickness. This is particularly important with external roof terraces to prevent an excessive step up when exiting the building. Microtherm SLIMVAC® panels have excellent resistance to compression. They can be protected by a supplementary layer of foam when necessary. The floor can be finished with dry flooring elements (Promat® SYSTEMFLOOR) or a traditional wet screed.
Lift doors

A lift shaft access door requires passive fire protection that is the lightest and thinnest possible. Microtherm SLIM&LIGHT® panels have a very low thermal conductivity. Other insulations can have a thermal conductivity more than 4 times higher at very high temperatures – this means they need 4 times the insulation thickness for the same level of protection. Microtherm SLIM&LIGHT® panels are large enough to cover the complete door leaf. The insulation is very thin allowing the most compact door design. It is also very light. Most importantly, Microtherm SLIM&LIGHT® panels are able to flex. Insulation must be able to flex with the door to maintain continuity of protection. Any cracking of the insulation will create hot spots due to heat leakage.
Cold stores

Microtherm SLIMVAC® panels are the perfect insulation system for the construction of cold stores used for low temperature refrigerated storage of food and other perishable goods. They offer the best performance ensuring minimum insulation thickness and have a long working life in normal use. The use of Microtherm SLIMVAC® panels in the construction of cold stores maintains the optimum thermal efficiency of the structure while ensuring maximum possible internal storage volume. Because of the very low heat ingress into the buildings, operating costs for the refrigeration system are kept to an absolute minimum.

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