Maximum energy efficiency with minimal loss of space

Buildings are an integral part of our life. They provide places of work, of healing, leisure centres, and of course many styles and sizes of habitat. Promat technology can make buildings safer, cheaper to run by reducing energy needs, and more comfortable. Promat products for thermal insulation and passive fire protection are used around the world and can dramatically enhance our quality of life.

Buildings inside

Promat solutions inside a building can reduce heat losses to an absolute minimum. They can insulate internal walls, ceilings, and floor surfaces, and eliminate points on the structure where a thermal cold bridge might occur. Our products are also widely specified by architects for the most compact passive fire protection for lift shaft access doors and general internal use.

Buildings outside

For a building to be energy efficient and also provide comfortable living conditions, each part of its structure must be insulated to the highest possible standard. Promat insulation solutions are specified for roof structures, walls including glass facades, floors and outside terraces over living areas. Promat products can resist fire and deep cold without harm.