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Promat is the leading reference in fireproofing, and thermal and acoustic insulation in a wide range of industries around the world. Our market leadership is based on our engineering competence, uniquely broad range of products and systems, and full service at every stage of your project.


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With 60 years of experience Promat’s portfolio and engineering services have become synonymous with quality and reliability, offering sustainable solutions that protect lives and assets, enhance comfort, optimise process efficiency, and reduce the loss of space and energy to an absolute minimum.

Our range of calcium silicate, microporous and intumescent products, cementitious sprays, insulation wools, refractory materials, lightweight insulation bricks and polymers, can be used separately or combined in an engineered solution that meets the specific requirements of your specific plant, application and market.

Our insulation and fire protection solutions are used in conventional and renewable energy, aerospace, automotive, marine, railway, furnaces, oil and gas, steel, and manufacturing for Fire Rated Assemblies.


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Thin and lightweight insulation for piping and supports - PROMAT OIl & GAS solutions

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PROMAFOUR® is the first complete system for fireplaces. It's a safe, reliable and robust solution for a sustainable insulation and mantelpiece for your fireplace.

Promat solutions for the oil & gas industry: fire protection, blast protection and high performance insulation.

The oil and gas industry is quite specialised and customers often require tailor-made solutions. What better way to showcase our expertise and unique engineering than with an engaging video. Click the link below to watch it on YouTube.