The value of our technology

Enhancement of product performance comes through the development of the very best technology. The resulting products are industry benchmarks.


For almost half a century, our microporous insulation products (Microtherm® product range and PROMALIGHT®) have been the benchmark in high performance thermal insulation. They represent a unique combination of performance and service that gives better customer value than any other system on the market.

Calcium silicate

Over the last 50 years Promat has evolved into the global market leader in calcium silicate insulation products. This leadership position has been achieved by absolute dedication to only the very best in product quality coupled with the development of technology that fully optimises the properties of the various calcium silicate grades.

High temperature wool

Due to their low mass, accumulated heat and thermal conductivity, high temperature wool and glass wool products are efficient insulating materials up to temperatures of 1800 °C. Considering current and future energy costs, amortization can be realized in a short time.